Our Members
Our Members

Our Members

“We drew inspiration from our namesake in the spirit that we are simply people coming from all walks of life to discuss and learn more about the melodious delights our voices can actually create. Some of us knew nothing about singing, except for the days of music classes back in primary school; others have varied experiences in choirs at various levels or just plainly enjoy belting out the occasional song in a karaoke bar. In a nutshell, we’ve all been drawn like a moth to a candle-flame, in our weekly discovery of the simple delight, of making music.“

Athene Ang
Charlene Lim
Clarissa Wee
Dolores Tan
Elizabeth Greenwood
Estelle Ng
Hilda Leong
Marion Domhoever
Ronnie Mak
Rhys Peel Garcia

Anne Marie Ang
Jeannette Goh
Jolene Khoo
Lyn Lim
Ong Wen Xse
Samantha Loy
Uma Karanth
Wei Ling
Wong Lee Ting

Henry Lim
Syukri Saidi
Timothy Liu
Jason Gan

John Teo
Matthew Carlisle
Wilson Choo

(image credit: Singapore HeritageFest 2015, National Heritage Board)