Have I told you lately (arr. Shahril Salleh)
Have I told you lately (arr. Shahril Salleh)

Have I told you lately (arr. Shahril Salleh)

My dad passed away from a heart attack on the 6th of October 2015. His unexpected passing was quite hard on all of us. Soon after he passed away, mum’s cancer relapsed and she’s now undergoing another round of chemotherapy. Needless to say, these few months have been rather hard on her.

For those of you who know my mum, she’s rather stoic and brutally practical in most things. There is a softer side of her though. She once shared with my brothers and I that my dad bought her a CD by Rod Stewart. The song that my dad let her listen to was “Have I told you lately.” She has an mp3 of the song on her smartphone, and she does listen to it from time to time, especially when she thinks no one else is listening.

So, for her 67th Birthday (which is on the 20th February 2017), my friend Shoki Lin helped me put together a music video. I’ve arranged the song for acapella, and the Vox Camerata Chamber Singers helped me performed it.

This video is dedicated to my mum. No words nor effort can describe how much I love her, and this MV is but a poor offering compared to the sacrifices that she has had to make.

I love you Mama. Happy 67th Birthday!

~ Shahril Salleh, Artistic Director
Vox Camerata