15th Anniversary Special – Musica Intimae: The Passing Of The Year
15th Anniversary Special – Musica Intimae: The Passing Of The Year

15th Anniversary Special – Musica Intimae: The Passing Of The Year

This July, Vox Camerata will commemorate our 15th anniversary with Musica Intimae: The Passing Of The Year. As we take a look back at the love, hope and passion that continue to drive us, Vox Camerata invites everyone to an evening of purpose, meaning, and reflection, where we can bear witness to the shifts and seasonal transformations of a year’s passing through the medium of song.

Beginning with Jonathan Dove’s dynamic arrangement of “The Passing of the Year”, this year’s concert will explore the transcendental duel between hope and despair across that the passage of time brings through masterpieces from past and present ranging from Stopford’s heart-wrenching lullaby “Lully Lulla Lullay” and Arvo Part’s ethereal “Magnificat”, to Samuel Barber’s sombre and dissonant “Twelfth Night”.

In line with Vox Camerata’s belief in building a community through choral music, this year’s concert will also feature guest performers that reflect the diversity and dynamism of Singapore’s choral scene: NUS Society Choir, NUS High School Choir, Queensway Secondary School Choir, Punggol Secondary School Choir and Bedok South Secondary School Choir.

Our Programme://bit.ly/MI2019eprog

Musica Intimae: The Passing Of The Year
Date: 7 July 2019
Time: 5pm to 7pm
Venue: Victoria Concert Hall
Ticket Price: $30



As part of our commitment to make good choral music accessible to everyone, regardless of musical and financial background,  we invite you to purchase beneficiary tickets! Beneficiary tickets will go directly to community groups, who face financial challenges, to give them the opportunity to attend concerts like ours. These community groups include beneficiaries of our community partners such as Singapore Association for Mental Health.


Support us by donating $100, $200 or $500. In return, you’ll receive 1, 2 and 3 pairs of complimentary tickets to our concert respectively.

Upkeeping the choir and producing the concert requires a huge amount of resources and we are always grateful to family, friends and fans who make what we love doing possible. Join our mission to continue creating a safe space for music-making for all. The funds collected to be used to support our rehearsal room rental, purchase of scores and electricity bills.

If you would like to support us, simply write to Estelle at discovery@voxcamerata.com with the title “Patron of MI2019” and indicate the amount you wish to donate. For corporate sponsorships, kindly get in touch with Estelle too!