Humans of Vox part 1: Miechie
Humans of Vox part 1: Miechie

Humans of Vox part 1: Miechie

Welcome to a brand new feature series, Humans of Vox! Here, we will interview members of the community choir and get to know Vox Camerata from their perspective. In Part 1, Miechie shares her experience as a member of the Soprano section.

Introduce yourself. What section are you from?

Hello, I am Miechie from Soprano.

What does “Soprano” mean?

The sopranos mostly sing the melody of the songs and are the highest singing voice in the choir.

How would you describe your section?

My section is lively and dynamic.

Could you describe what happens during rehearsals?

The people in my rehearsal group are really welcoming and caring. Before we start the rehearsal, we would talk about our interests and a weekly update on our lives. Then, we start singing together. Learning new songs can be challenging, but when we learn together, we help each other to understand the songs. Because people are so willing to share and to teach, I get to learn some basic music knowledge which greatly helps in singing the songs. The feedback and advice during the rehearsal are always helpful and constructive. Having a supportive group of people definitely makes learning effortless and enjoyable. Overall, we are like a group of friends who work together to perform songs, and hopefully, the audience can feel our enthusiasm in bringing joy and comfort to them through our singing.

Rehearsal time with Sopranos

What is your favourite memory of Vox Camerata Community Choir?

I had the chance to join Christmas caroling season during the pandemic period in 2020. Despite the constrained situation, we all still managed to rehearse and sing together to bring joy to people and to ourselves and for me, it was a memorable experience. Although it may seem that the big day was the show day, actually what really mattered was that we have spent time together to practice and I really appreciated everyone’s effort in making it happen.

Adventure 2021: We’re all home for Christmas (Vox Camerata’s first virtual Christmas concert)

What is unique about Vox Camerata community choir?
Vox welcomes people with a warm friendship. It is a group of people that are willing to learn from one another and support each other. Most importantly, every rehearsal is fun and enjoyable!

Dinner outing with Sopranos

Thank you Miechie for sharing your perspective and for being a member since 2020!

Stay tuned for Part 2 where a member of the Alto section will share her experience.