Humans of Vox part 5: Izdihar
Humans of Vox part 5: Izdihar

Humans of Vox part 5: Izdihar

Welcome to Part 5 of the Humans of Vox series 2021. Humans of Vox is a series featuring members who make up Vox Camerata. We invite you to check out the previous parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 if you have not. In Part 5 and 6, we interview choir members who also serve as our administrative team members. Without our administrative team, the Artistic Director would not be able to focus on the music production and rehearsals will not be able to run successfully. This team helps to manage the choir in terms of keeping track of the finances, logistics, liaising with community partners as well as managing grants and sponsorship. One of the roles in the admin team is the Section Representative. Let us hear from Izdihar as she shares more about what a Section Representative entails. In this post, Izdihar shares her experience as a Section Representative.

Introduce yourself and your role.

I’m Izdihar, and as a Section Rep, I make sure that everyone is informed about rehearsal venues and timings. I also get to organise events like section dinners.

How did you become a section representative?

Estelle (the previous Section Rep for Soprano) was taking a break from the choir and asked me if I could help out for a while—and then I just never stopped. :p Both Estelle and I support each other with section rep responsibilities now.

What do you do as a section representative before rehearsal day?

I remind the sopranos via our WhatsApp group to let everyone know when and where rehearsals will be held. I sometimes also make announcements, when necessary.

What have you learnt from being a section representative?

My communication skills and organisational skills have definitely improved!

Christmas Carolling at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport hotel lobby in 2019

Thank you Izdihar for sharing your experience and for volunteering your time as a Section Rep forVox Camerata!

Stay tuned for Part 6 of the series featuring another member of the Administrative team.