The Choral Collective Residency Programme (FAQs)
The Choral Collective Residency Programme (FAQs)

The Choral Collective Residency Programme (FAQs)

Here are some FAQs:

What is this project about?

This project is the incubation for a residency programme with the intended outcomes to develop choral leadership within the choral music sector. The curriculum of the programme includes the development of both micro and macro rehearsal techniques (includes conducting gestures, rehearsal planning and execution, etc) as well as learning aspects of arts organization leadership through faculty-led in-class seminars, laboratory work with the choir, guided reflective exercises with faculty and selected singers and lectures with guest speakers. 

When does the programme start?

We will have auditions beginning in late September 2021. We will start in October 2021 and complete the residency programme by March 2022.

Who is involved in running/organising this project?

The curriculum of the programme is co-developed by the faculty, a group of 4 experts in choral and vocal pedagogy. They are Dr. Graeme Morton (University of Queensland), Mr Eudenice Palaruan (Singapore Symphonic Chorus/Singapore Bible College) Ms Akiko Otao (SOTA/LaSalle) and Dr. Goh Toh Chai (NAFA).

The guest speakers who will be featured are arts leaders and academics who will share about the issues of leading an arts organization in today‚Äôs climate. They are Ms Mae Anderson (Chair of Arts Outreach), Ms Sunitha Jamohanan (Lecturer, LaSalle), Ms Kamini Ramachandran (Creative Producer, StoryFest Singapore), and Ms Christel Hon (Senior Programmer, Esplanade PTE Ltd) 

Who are the Singers and what do they do?

The singer position is open to any individual who is able to sing in a choir at a professional level. While we are opening the singer positions to everyone, especially students who are intending to pursue Music at a professional level, for the purposes of the SEP grant we prioritise giving positions to individuals who are documented SEPs. Singers will form the laboratory choir that will be rehearsed by the residency fellows. Selected singers will be invited by the faculty as Singer-Mentors to provide structured qualitative feedback as part of the programme.  These singers will also be involved in the feedback sessions with the Faculty and Fellows.

The singers and singer-mentor positions are paid positions, and they will be paid SGD12.00 per hour of rehearsal/call-time/performance.

What is the commitment level of the Singers?

Each singer is required to attend all rehearsal sessions. The rehearsal sessions consists of one weekly laboratory rehearsal over the course of 16 weeks. Rehearsals will be held on Sundays from 6pm to 9pm at Aliwal Arts Centre. After which there will be a dress rehearsal to prepare for the matinee and gala concert. The singer-mentors are also required to participate in a workshop trial conducted by the residency fellows after the concert. 

The schedule for the Singers can be found here.

The schedule for the Singer-Mentors can be found here.

The schedule for the fellows can be found here.

Who are the residency fellows and what do they do?

The residency fellow position is meant for choral conductors who are keen to develop their choral leadership capabilities. Each of these fellows would need to demonstrate their potential towards serving the choral music scene as pedagogues and mentors. This position is subjected to an audition and interview process.  

What structure of compensation your programme is hoping to offer?

As it stands at the moment, the Singers and Singer-Mentors will be paid hourly rates as per attendance. Residency Fellows will be given a standard honorarium.  

Where do I find out more about the audition process?

To find out more about the audition process for Singers and Singer-Mentors, click here.

To find out more about the audition process for Residency Fellows, click here.

This programme is brought to you by the Self Employed Persons (SEPG) Grant, courtesy of the National Arts Council.

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