Choral Collective Residency Programme: Rehearsal 2
Choral Collective Residency Programme: Rehearsal 2

Choral Collective Residency Programme: Rehearsal 2


Today marks the second rehearsal of the Choral Collective Residency Programme (CCRPSG)! Led by CCRP Fellow Sean Foo, the choir sang beautifully and even learned to make bird calls!

Songs that were performed today:

Until I sawStephen LeekANZ0:02:56
Three Australian Bush SongsIan GrandageANZ0:07:25
Tien Gung Log ShuiTze Ning HiewSEA0:03:30
LisoiKen StevenSEA0:03:25

Interview with Fellow Sean Foo

How are you feeling after conducting your first rehearsal?

I feel great! I’m honoured to be working with so many professional singers, it was an enlightening experience, to learn from others who are in this industry longer than me.

What are some challenges you face today while conducting?

Some of my songs can be quite challenging for the singers, especially on the Sopranos, sorry Sops! And for them to sing for 3 hours straight, it must have been very challenging for them.

What is something that you are proud of today?

It is my first time conducting a professional choir, but despite that, the environment was very encouraging. The seniors and fellows were quick to point out certain problems during the rehearsal and provided solutions that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. I’m really proud of what I learned today.

The #CCRPSG is jointly organized by Vox Camerata and Muziksea,
with the kind and generous support of the National Arts Council of Singapore through the #SEPG grant. This session was conducted in full compliance with the current Safe Management Measures.

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