Musica Intimae: Sojourners
Musica Intimae: Sojourners

Musica Intimae: Sojourners

Musica Intimae: Sojourners is the gala concert and the culmination of the Sojourners festival. We explore the essence of what it means to embrace our diasporic roots by visiting the songs of our spiritual roots. We bring to you a musical offering of choral and vocal music that begins from the Bay of Venice, traversing through the nautical pathways that embrace the Levant and the Sinai Peninsula, down the Red Sea and across the Indian Ocean.  

The Gala concert features the Vox Camerata Chamber Singers, with our friends, Espousal Fusion Entertainment, The Central Sikh Gurdwara Board, Saint Thomas Orthodox Cathedral (Singapore) and the Temple of Fine Arts (Singapore).  

About Sojourners

Centre for Interfaith Understanding (Singapore) and Vox Camerata jointly present “Sojourners: Sacred Heritage in Singapore from the Mediterranean to the Bay of Bengal”, a three-day festival consisting of a forum, public workshop, lecture recital, and concert.

The festival activities provide a collective platform for mediated conversations and discussions about the diversity of faith practices in Singapore and how Singaporeans navigate this diversity.  

This initiative aims to: (1) provide a safe and conducive environment for Singaporeans to come together to develop intercultural and interfaith strategies for community building, (2) promote a deeper appreciation and understanding of the cultural and faith practices, especially those of Singapore’s smaller ethno-religious minorities, and (3) use these dialogues and experiences as a means of strengthening our shared sense of identity so as to inculcate resilience and inclusivity amidst the backdrop of rising racial and religious tensions around the world.  

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