Collegia: A Nexus of Songs (I)
Collegia: A Nexus of Songs (I)

Collegia: A Nexus of Songs (I)

Following an 8-month period of incubation, the new compositions created as part of the second run of the Choral Collective Residency Programme (CCRPSG) will be premiered by Vox Llinette at Collegia: A Nexus of Songs (I). This iteration of the programme is jointly organised by Vox Camerata and the University of Queensland. Under the guidance of CCRPSG composition faculty members Dr. Zechariah Goh (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) and Dr. Robert Davidson (University of Queensland), 9 emerging composers (5 from Singapore, 4 from Australia) each wrote a work lasting between four to five minutes. The works, written in a wide range of musical styles and drawing upon texts from diverse sources both historical and contemporary, present exciting new directions for contemporary choral composition. Texts selected by the composers include poems by Katherine Mansfield, Dora Wilcox and Singaporean writers such as Joshua Ip and Wang Gungwu, as well as a 14th-century Majapahit text. A poem from Candles for a Local Osiris by the late Malaysian poet Wong Phui Nam will also be featured. The concert will be jointly conducted by Dr. Shahril Salleh (Artistic Director, Vox Camerata) and Mr. Adyll Hardy.

Chung Ee Yong, Wayfaring
Abigail Lui, The Moon
Charlene Cloud Tan, man in the mirror
Alexandra Dunk, There is a Solemn Wind Tonight
Lennie Chua, Still I Fly
Matthew Minter, The Call of the Bush
Lim Han Quan, Whenever the night…
Rebecca Tan, To Tigerland
Alexandra Mison, Nostalgia

Concert Duration: 1h 30min (with 20min intermission)

Beneficiary Tickets:
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Admission Rules:
No children below the age of 6 will be admitted. Concession ticket holders should bring proof of their status, such as a driver’s license or student pass, as random checks may be conducted at the venue. Refunds will not be granted to ticket-holders who do not meet these admission requirements.

Latecomers will only be admitted at suitable breaks. Patrons may choose to sit anywhere during the concert, except on seats which are reserved for VIPs and guests. We reserve the right to ask parents to bring children out of the hall should they be disruptive during the performance. There is no admission without a ticket.

About the Choral Collective Residency Programme:

The Choral Collective Residency Programme (CCRPSG) is an 8-month incubation project focusing on the development of choral leadership within the choral music community. The CCRPSG is held annually and consists of two iterations: the Conductor’s Edition and Composer’s Edition. Each iteration will take place in alternate years. The programme provides a platform for choral music composers to participate in a structured and collaborative professional development practice. It aims to facilitate the growth of individual professional skill sets and knowledge through closed-loop feedback from peers and invited faculty in a practicum setting with a professional choir. Each iteration of the programme culminates in a concert, where programme fellows are given the opportunity to showcase what they have learnt from the programme. CCRPSG also aims to resuscitate the choral music sector, which has been badly impacted by COVID-19, by providing a safe and conducive environment for choristers from various backgrounds to come together and develop their professional skills.