Vox Camerata - About Us

We Are Vox Camerata

In the 16th century, a group of humanists, musicians, poets and intellectuals in the city-state of Florence gathered under the patronage of Count Giovanni de Bardi to discuss and guide trends in the arts. They met between 1573 until the late 1580s at the House of Bardi. Members of the group included Giulio Caccini, Pietro… Read more »

Artistic Director

A musician and educator by both trade and training, Mohamed Shahril bin Mohamed Salleh has an enduring affinity and passion for conducting. Having studied Choral and Orchestral Conducting with Dr Richard Swann, Mr Gwyn Roberts and Dr Debra Cairns during his undergraduate and postgraduate tenure, he also had the opportunity to work with several well-known… Read more »

Our Members

“We drew inspiration from our namesake in the spirit that we are simply people coming from all walks of life to discuss and learn more about the melodious delights our voices can actually create. Some of us knew nothing about singing, except for the days of music classes back in primary school; others have varied… Read more »