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Vox Camerata Chamber Singers 2015/2016 Season Auditions

Vox Camerata Chamber Singers is happy to announce that the auditions for the 2015 / 2016 Season is now open. The coming season brings an exciting and eclectic collection of choral music to perform. If you’re interested in performing challenging choral repertoire from across the centuries, can read music, and am interested to perform both… Read more »

A Review of Collegia Musica by Pianomania!

We would like to express our gratitude to Dr Chang Tou Liang of Pianomania for coming to watch us at our concert! Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, and for being part of our audience enjoying the music that we have had the opportunity to bring to you. “Quite amazingly, this was the fourth… Read more »

Vox Camerata is going to Brisbane!

Look out Australia! We are well on our way! Australia here we come! The date is just around the corner, and we are stoked! If you’re in Brisbane, please do come join us. As we spread our love of good choral music, from Sunny Singapore, all the way to you. We look forward to seeing… Read more »

Vox 10th Anniversary Concert

The Mad Scene reviews – Musica Intimae: Decadenze

Thanks to Steven of the Mad Scene for attending our 10th anniversary concert! Short except from the review: “Vox Camerata presented a lengthy and demanding programme to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. It was a testament to their choral technique, endurance and love for music that they performed the entire 2 and a half hour set… Read more »

Announcing the Formation of the Vox Camerata Chamber Singers

Practices will be held at Goodman Arts Centre, unless stated otherwise. For Interested applicants of the Chamber Singers, please also include short CV detailing your experiences and qualifications and email it to us. Help us spread the word, and if you yourself or someone you know would like to come and join us, do let… Read more »

Event Sponsors: Musica Intimae 2014 – Decadenze

For Musica Intimae 2014 – Decadenze, our performance on 31 Aug 2014, we are much gratified to have the support of the following sponsors! We’re proud to be supported by the NATIONAL ARTS COUNCIL: Vox Camerata is proud to be supported by the National Arts Council for Musica Intimae 2014 – Decadenze! – www.nac.gov.sg ALSO… Read more »

We Are Looking for Singers!

The arts scene in Singapore has been on the up in the last few years. No doubt, increased governmental support has helped in creating the infrastructure that is required for the arts to flourish. This development however could only come to pass because of the efforts of the many Singaporeans who have worked tirelessly and… Read more »