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Calling for Sponsors: Choral Collective Residency Programme

Calling for Sponsors: Choral Collective Residency Programme

Singapore‚Äôs choral music sector has been greatly impacted by COVID-19, and we need your help to get our choral music practitioners back on their feet. The pandemic directly resulted in the loss of income due to the disruption of teaching and performance opportunities. As a result, we now see a loss of talent as conductors exit the industry in search of more stable opportunities in a time of uncertainty. 

Vox Camerata, in conjunction with Muziksea, presents The Choral Collective Residency Programme, a 26-week incubation project focusing on the development of choral leadership within the choral music community. For its inaugural run, the programme provides a platform for choral conductors to participate in a structured and collaborative professional development practice. It aims to facilitate the growth of individual professional skill sets and knowledge through closed-loop feedback from peers and invited faculty in a practicum setting with a professional choir.

Help us keep this programme running, so that we can continue preparing the future choral leaders of tomorrow. Support CCRPSG by becoming a sponsor. More details about the programme and how you can contribute can be found in the collateral below:

Thank you for your generosity.