Vox Camerata

A centre of advocacy, discovery, learning and practice for choral music making in Singapore.

Who We Are

Vox Camerata is a registered non-profit company limited by guarantee, and is a centre of advocacy, discovery, learning, and practice for choral music in Singapore.

We use choral music and the performing arts to uplift, enable, and empower people to bring communities together.

Our Values


Everyone, regardless of background or ability, is welcomed to sing in our choirs. Diversity enriches our music and community.

Musical Excellence

Striving for the highest quality music-making experience, we mentor and nurture our members to create beautiful music together.

Community Building

Fostering friendships, collaborations, and a sense of belonging, our choirs serve as safe spaces for music enthusiasts to grow and thrive.


Don’t just listen to us.
Join Us.

We are Vox Camerata. We are passionate, silly, energetic, overworked and fun. We love food. We are as idealistic as we can possibly be while being as pragmatic as we possibly can. We are a non-auditioned community choir. We believe that a good chorister can be anyone, can begin singing at any time, and can come from anywhere. We are Vox Camerata and we are proud to sing for everyone we can, with everyone we can.

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Our Videos

Vox Camerata organises and participates in numerous community events and advocacy work with our partners and collaborators. Check out our socials for updates!

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